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AMPIRE Field Sensor

AMPIRE Field Sensor

Product ID: 2904

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Ekskl. moms: 500,00 DKK Inkl. moms: 625,00 DKK

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AMPIRE Alarm Sensor

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Protect your vehicle with an invisible sensing field which detects moving high-density objects (including people) near your car using Radio Frequency (RF) field disturbance technology. Ideal for convertibles, or any application where zone-intrusion protection is desired. Violation of the outer field can provoke siren chirps (or a WarnAway message from an optional voice module) while intrusion into the inner zone will trigger the systems siren. The 508A uses a ultra-high frequency to detect objects of sufficient mass which move within a defined area. The field extends through the vehicle upholstery, glass, plastic and wood, but is blocked by metal.
NOTE: Insulating glass are metallized, the field of the sensor can be affected.

The 508A should be placed as close as possible to the center line of the vehicle. The mounting tabs should be to the front and the rear of the vehicle, but the orientation of the wire-socket end is not a factor. Also, the 508A is not sensitive to being placed directly onto metal. Please pay attention to the subsequent accessibility of the trimmer for the adjustment.

The 508A will not trigger during the first 4 seconds of being turned on. This prevents the user from triggering the voice immediately after arming the system, and avoids several possible installation difficulties. When adjusting the 508A, always set the warn-away adjustment first. This will expand or contract both zones. After this adjustment has appropriately defined the outer zone, then use the trigger adjustment to set the inner zone.
When the sensor send a (-) 200mA trigger on the green warn-away wire, the green LED will turn on. When the sensor sends a (-) 200mA trigger to the blue trigger wire, the red LED will light.

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